The Consumer's Choice !!

Published September 7, 2017 by Andy Fensom

The Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2017 results are in....

5 Nipper's entered....

2 Consumer Choice Awards...

7 Awards won overall !!!

The BBTG Awards by Mumii really stand out from the crowd with the various ways of testing. Everyday parents attend a testing day where they can put all the products entered to the test using a specific test track and getting hands on with all the products! For anybody else who did not make the testing day can still have their say by voting for their favourite shortlisted products via the Mumii website!! The Nipper results are:

Nipper Single- All Terrain - SILVER

Nipper Single- All Terrain - CONSUMER CHOICE

Nipper Double- Double Pushchair - BRONZE

Nipper Double- Double Pushchair - CONSUMER CHOICE

Nipper Sport- Running Pushchair - SILVER

Little Nipper- Stroller over Ł250 - SILVER

Little Nipper Double- Double Stroller - GOLD

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Latest Nipper Double Review 4.5 Stars!!

Published September 7, 2017 by Andy Fensom

Sophie from Pushchair Expert along with her 2 children have really put the Nipper Double through it's paces and awarded it 4.5 stars!!

'Out 'n' About have been making great quality all terrain pushchairs for sometime now. The Nipper Double is now in it's 4th generation and changes to this model promise to listen to what parents want and there are several design tweaks that make life easier for parents and the ride more comfortable for baby. Read on to see how it faired up when we put it through its paces.'

To read the full review please click here.

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Top marks in this years Loved by Parents Awards !!

Published August 9, 2017 by Andy Fensom

Each year various Nipper's from our range are entered into a number of Awards. The categories all vary along with the testing and who puts the products through there paces.

We are thrilled to share with you that the Nipper Single & Double both stood out from the crowd in this years Loved by Parents Awards!! 

The Nipper Single scooped both a Platinum and Gold award with the Nipper Double bringing home two Gold Awards!!

Best 3 Wheel Pushchair- Nipper Single PLATINUM

Best 3 Wheel Pushchair- Nipper Double GOLD

Best Pushchair over Ł300 - Nipper Single GOLD

Best Double/ Tandem Pushchair - Nipper Double GOLD

For more information on the winning Nipper's please visit the main homepage of our website. 

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Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 17....

Published June 5, 2017 by Andy Fensom

We have 5 Nipper's shortlisted in this year's awards!! 

Award season is now in full swing with submissions received and us eagerly awaiting the news of what products have been shortlisted. We are thrilled to announce that we have 5 Nipper's shortlisted in this years Best Baby & Toddler Awards from Mumii.

With a large number of entries received this year the categories have changed from previous years. The following Nipper's have been shortlisted in the categories listed below:

All Terrain - Nipper Single

Double Pushchair - Nipper Double

Running Pushchair - Nipper Sport

Stroller over Ł250 - Little Nipper

Double Stroller - Little Nipper Double

We will keep you updated when consumer voting opens and when the results are announced!! 

Click here to view the full shortlist

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The story behind our brand....

Published May 2, 2017 by Andy Fensom

We teamed up with Loved by parents to bring you the story of our brand. You can read the full interview below:

What is the story behind the Out 'n' About brand?

The brand was born 18 years ago when one of our present company directors was in search of a buggy to use on off-road conditions with his newly born daughter. After discovering there wasn't an ideal buggy available in the UK market to suit his family's lifestyle he began to import jogging strollers from the US and customising them to suit the UK market. For a while Out 'n' About specialised in distributing off-road/ jogging buggies from different brands around the world, however we still could not find the perfect All Terrain pushchair! This eventually led to us designing & manufacturing our own buggies- the Nipper range. 

Where did the idea for Out 'n' About originate from and what year did your first pushchair launch?

The first Out 'n' About Nipper was launched in 2001 available as a single & double model. One of our other company directors was previously a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and we put his expertise to good use in the designing and development of the Nipper.

How has the brand grown over the years?

The Out 'n' about brand has grown considerably over the years. We try to keep up with consumer trends and ensure that we keep true to the much loved, easy to use design of the first Nipper. With numerous Awards under our belt and our products stocked in all major retailers, we have become a recognised brand on both sides of the world as well as a household name for parents who are searching for their ideal pushchair.

 As a small family brand what has been the most rewarding thing to see over the years? Happy Customers? Customer Feedback?

It is very rewarding knowing that hundreds of thousands of parents and children have enjoyed using our products over the years. It is incredible to see the products we have designed and adapted since the first Nipper was launched, helping families to keep enjoying their lifestyle, whether they want to enjoy off-road walking, jogging or just a lightweight buggy that's easy to use. We receive fantastic customer reviews and you only have to take a look at our facebook page to see the numerous photos we receive of the Nipper being enjoyed in various destinations by many families. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Our philosophy is very much about not trying to grow for the sake of growing. We want to continue making excellent buggies at affordable prices. Our main focus on any buggies or products we do launch is to stick with what we know and what we do best. We will continue to grow with the market and ensure the products that become available are true to the much loved Out 'n' About brand.

We love how bright the brand is and the attention to detail. What processes do your pushchairs go through before they reach the market?

All our development is done in house and products are designed in the UK. This is very important to our philosophy as so many of the products we see other companies offering are clearly designed and sourced from the Far East. All employees are involved in design aspects such as colour choices and opinions on suggested updates. We listen to our customer feedback and have adapted the Nipper over time to fulfil customer requirements where possible. We have a lot of experience amongst our staff, a number of whom are parents themselves and understand what is important to parents when choosing a buggy.

Which has been your favourite experience to date?

 Our proudest moment was being contacted by Kensington Palace and learning that the Nipper had been chosen by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. As a UK family run company, the thought of Prince George & Princess Charlotte being pushed around in a Nipper makes us incredibly proud. You can't get a better satisfied customer than that!

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A life on the road with the Nipper Single

Published March 17, 2017 by Andy Fensom

Have you ever thought about selling up, packing up all of your worldly belongings and hitting the road? This is exactly what Jennifer and her husband decided to do along with their young son. With a love of travel in common a motor home was purchased and the journey begun. 

Travelling at the best of times with a little one (or 2 or 3 or 4...) can be challenging ensuring you have packed everything you need. From the small essentials to nappies, wipes & food to the larger essentials such as a carseat and buggy. These items maybe required to fit in with your lifestyle, from fitting in the car boot (or in this case a motor home) to being reliable and handling the terrain you may face.

Travel as they grow is a blog Jennifer and her husband have put together to document their travels and review items they are using on the way. The buggy of choice to take on their travels was the Nipper Single V4, which Jennifer has reviewed-  'I really love its ability to be versatile in all terrains, and how smooth it is to push. You never need to put much effort in to get from A to B, and that’s exactly what you need as a parent!' You can read the full review here.

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Running with a buggy....

Published February 27, 2017 by Andy Fensom

Hints & tips from 53 weeks off

'Running with a baby reminds me of my ultramarathon training when things weren't as simple as putting my running kit on and leaving for a run. Running with a baby means that I need to pack some extras, and even more stuff for our long runs while half-marathon training.'

Running has always been a sport/ past time/ hobby for many, however in the past few years has become more popular than ever with families. Whether partaking in a park run, organised group or individually, taking your little one(s) along in their buggy there is no excuse not to get out & about (excuse the pun)! 

53 weeks off is a blog written by a mum who is enjoying maternity leave and keeping us up to date with activities such as running, yoga and getting creative. The latest blog post is all about running with  a buggy. Celina chose the Nipper Sport for her half marathon training as well as getting off road and taking scenic walks through the peak district. 

Click here to read all the hints and tips from 53 weeks off when out running with a buggy. From packing for any situation from nappy changes to feeds, to planning routes and benefits of the Nipper Sport.

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When things just work.....

Published February 9, 2017 by Andy Fensom

'I love it when things just work. Things that are easy to use, of good quality and do what they are supposed to do make my day. Since I've had a little one this has become even more of a priority and I have to say the Out 'n' About Nipper V4 buggy has been one of my top baby purchases.'

We just love receiving reviews and blog posts on the Nipper range. A big thank you to Northern Mama UK for sharing her latest blog on the Nipper Single with us. It is always so fantastic to hear how loved the Nipper is and how it can make everyday life with little one(s) just that little bit easier! To read the full blog post from Norther Mama UK please click here

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Official Loved By Parents Sponsor

Published January 20, 2017 by Andy Fensom

We are thrilled to share the news with you that we are an official sponsor for the 2017 Loved By Parent Awards!! This is a huge honour for us after such success in last years Awards! Keep an eye out for our logo on all Award activity!! 








In 2016 the complete Nipper range was awarded a number of awards including 3x Platinum, 2x Gold & 2x Silver from Loved By Parents!!


Best 3 wheel pushchair - Nipper Double

Best pushchair under Ł300 - Nipper Single

Best double/tandem pushchair- Nipper Double


Best 3 wheel pushchair - Little Nipper

Best double stroller - Little Nipper Double


Best 3 wheel pushchair - Nipper Single

Best pushchair under Ł300 - Little Nipper

For more information on the 2017 Awards, please click here

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Taking home the Bronze- Little Nipper Double !!

Published November 25, 2016 by Andy Fensom

The Mother & Baby Awards were announced on Wednesday night at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel. With Rob Becket providing great entertainment, money being raised for a great charity and an Awards ceremony! 

The Mother & Baby Awards are trusted by parents and often help when choosing those vital items for your little one(s). We are thrilled to have received the BRONZE Award for the Little Nipper Double in the Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Category. 

This gives us a total of 19 Awards for the complete Nipper range this year!! We are ecstatic with this achievement and proud that the Out 'n' About Nipper's are recognised as being a favourite by many parents.  

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We Love Reviews...!!

Published November 23, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Do you have a view on your Nipper buggy? 

Why don't you let us know, we just LOVE receiving reviews on all our products. :) Get in contact with us -

We have received this latest review and just couldn't not share it with you:

Email Review- 17/11/16 

Dear Sir/Madam, It has taken me years to send this message and I hope that most of the employees, who manufactured my double buggy, back around in 2010, are still with you there. This is to say a loud THANK YOU for the excellent "machine" you produced back then (I trust it is still the case now). By the time I got my "out n about nipper 360 double buggy" I had tried (and almost destroyed) - thanks to 3 kids under 2yrs- a Phil& Ted, Jane and Mc Laren buggies. The freedom, reliability and mobility that I experienced with the "nipper 360" was amazing. I did not have a car back then, but your buggy allow me to move around supermarkets, buses, libraries, churches, halls, elevators, shopping malls. sound and safe in all weather. with my 3 little ones who were growing and getting heavier. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You made a huge impact in my life. it was not a trivial contribution. so please keep making a difference to desperate mothers of young children. like I once was ( probably I still am!).


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Latest Blog on the Nipper Single....!

Published October 14, 2016 by Andy Fensom

We have received a new blog post from Easy Peazy Family Breaks a family run company who specialise in trips, adventures and where to stay all over Ireland. 

Getting out and exploring the gorgeous Irish scenery both urban and rural, this family required a buggy that would allow them to explore and get out and about (excuse the pun) with their little one in tow. The Nipper has well and truly fit their needs whether they are walking the Irish countryside, over rough terrain in the woods or visiting local shops the Nipper Single was exactly what they wanted.

'I am so in love with my buggy that I had to do a write up to tell the world about it'

To read the full review click here

Do you have a blog post or review you wish to share with us? Please send this to- 

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Double Gold for the Nipper Sport !!

Published September 14, 2016 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Sport has won GOLD in this year's Men's & Women's running magazine awards!! Following on from the success of the Nipper Single, Double & Little Nipper Double it really has been an award winning year for the complete range!!

The Nipper Sport was put through it's paces by running enthusiasts where over 50 testers were asked to score the Nipper out of 10 in the following categories:

  • Value for money
  • Ease of use/ Fit for purpose
  • Practicality 
  • Quality

We are ecstatic to have been awarded GOLD for both the Men's & Women's magazine awards. :)

The Nipper Sport has become a very popular model in the range in the past few years. With park run growing weekly and the freedom to get out and run with your little one in tow, the Nipper is the ideal choice. Click below to read reviews on the Nipper Sport:

Pushchair Expert Made for Mums

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Double Delight for the Nipper Single & Little Nipper Double !!

Published September 6, 2016 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Range has done it again!! We are absolutely over the moon to have more Awards to add to our already jam packed cabinet!! This years Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards by Mumii UK have been announced- a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us. 

It was a Victorious day for both the Nipper Single & Little Nipper Double with both buggies taking home the GOLD & CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD in their categories!!  

Here is what we won:

Nipper Single- GOLD - All Terrain
Nipper Single- CONSUMER CHOICE- All Terrain

Little Nipper Double- GOLD - Double Stroller
Little Nipper Double- CONSUMER CHOICE - Double Stroller

Nipper Double- BRONZE - Pushchair for two

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Triumph for the Nipper range in the 2016 Loved by Parents Awards !!

Published August 9, 2016 by Andy Fensom

The results are in!!

The Nipper range has come up tops again in this years 2016 Loved by Parents Awards!!

Taking home all avaialbe Awards in the Best 3 Wheel Pushchair category, along with Platinum Awards and many more. We are ecstatic to share these results with you and know the Out 'n' About Nipper is still recognised as a favourite among parents.   

The Platinum Award was a new addition to the Awards this year- We are thrilled to have been Awarded 3 for the Nipper Single & Nipper Double!!

For more information regarding the Awards and to see the full list of Winners please click here.

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The Royal fever is spreading!!

Published July 1, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Early June we saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pictured in the Daily Mail with their bespoke Nipper buggy at the Houghton International Horse trials. Since then we have been contacted by a number of publications wanting to know how it started and how Prince William and Kate came to own a bespoke Nipper!

Following on from the original article in the daily mail which pictured the old Navy fabrics on a current V4 black chassis the Royal Correspondent from the Daily Mail Rebecca English got in contact with us here at HQ to find out more about the bespoke buggy. 

It was a fantastic article and to see this in both print and online was great exposure for our brand. Unfortunately the incorrect image was used and was not a Nipper however, this was seen pushed by a friend with Kate and Prince George pictured behind. To read the full article from the Daily Mail please click here.

Just this week we have received contact from People Magazine in the USA!! Being huge Royal fans they were eager to find out more about the bespoke buggy the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had most recently been pictured with! Being a UK based family run company it was incredible to have an overseas publication get in contact with us and want to find out more on the story and our products! We are yet to see a copy of the magazine, however here is a link to the online article- People magazine. 

As you can imagine it has been a very exciting time here at Out 'n' About HQ with the knowledge that the bespoke Nipper Single which was created specifically for the young Royals over 18 months ago has been put to use! The local press have also wanted in on the story and have published in the Times & Citizen paper and online about the Royal Nipper! Watch this space for more updates....

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Read all about it.... !!

Published June 8, 2016 by Andy Fensom

With news of the Nipper Single pictured with the young Royals the hype is still building.... To read more about this incredible story please click on the links below:

Click here to find out what Pushchair expert thinks of the the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge having a Nipper Single- Want more information on the Nipper? read the latest review from Pushchair expert here

Winstanley's pramworld could not wait to share there excitement of the news on their blog. Read all about it here-

After much social media coverage of Princess Charlotte and her newest buggy, many blogs and review sites had writtern about the Nipper Single, take a read-!George-and-Charlotte-at-the-Houghton-International-Horse-Trials/colb/574f91f50cf28b872a24f4ba

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Fit for a future King !

Published June 6, 2016 by Andy Fensom

It's official the Out 'n' About Nipper has been pictured with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!!

it has been just over 18 months since we first received contact from Kensington Palace. The excitement here at Out 'n' About HQ was second to none. As a small family run British company we were thrilled and equally as shocked to have been contacted directly.

A bespoke Nipper was created from Navy fabrics and onto the current V4 black chassis. A carrycot was also required in the same colour way, leaving us hoping the Nipper would be used by Princess Charlotte also.

A family day out at the Houghton International Horse Trials has led to images of the Nipper Single being used by the young Royals. Pictured in the Daily Mail online you can see the Nipper Single sat behind Kate and Prince William can be see pushing the Nipper in a later photo. Click here to see photos.

The Award winning Nipper range has been manufactured for 15 years now, not only ideal for outdoor events such as horse trials and scenic off- road routes they are equally at home and a dream to push around town.

For more information please visit our product page.

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Vote now in the Maternity & Infant Awards !!

Published May 19, 2016 by Andy Fensom

We have fantastic news to share with you..... A range of Nipper's have been shortlisted in this year's Maternity & Infant Awards!

With the Little Nipper scooping the Silver Award last year in the Best Buggy category, the following Nippers have been shortlisted- Have your say and vote for your favourite Nipper:

Nipper Single- Click here to vote

Nipper Double- Click here to vote

Little Nipper- Click here to vote

Little Nipper Double- Click here to vote

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3 Nipper race- Shortlisted in this years Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards!

Published May 18, 2016 by Andy Fensom

With the nursery Award season in full swing we are thrilled to be sharing the news that the Nipper Single, Nipper Double & Little Nipper Double have all bee shortlisted in the 2016 Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2016 by Mumii !!

Don't forget with the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards, you can have your say!! With the consumer choice Award available for each category you can vote for your favourite product. See below the categories each Nipper is in- follow the link to vote for your favourite Nipper buggy. :)

Nipper Single: All Terrain 2016 Category

Nipper Double: Pushchair For Two 2016 Category

Little Nipper Double: Double Stroller 2016 Category

To vote please click here

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5 out of 5 Stars from Pushchair Expert !

Published May 10, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Top Marks for the Little Nipper Double...!!

The 4 wheeled side-by-side buggy in the Nipper range has taken the market by storm since it's release in November 2015. With outstanding reviews from blogger's, parents and now a top score from Pushchair Expert.

Receiving a fantastic 5 out of 5 stars the Little Nipper Double really does tick all the boxes when looking for a double buggy!

'This beautifully simple, compact side by side double can offer parents a multitude of travel solutions without compromising on practicality. It seems to cover every eventuality whether you are a family with twins or have children of different ages. It's a simple yet comfortable pushchair with lots to offer. The EVA wheels combined with the light 11kg chassis means it can turn on a sixpence not to mention the incredibly effortless fold. 

If you're looking for a no-full, reliable, double pushchair covering all eventualities then you need look no further than the Out'n'About Little Nipper Double.'

To read the full review from Pushchair Expect please CLICK HERE

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Little Nipper Double- Review

Published April 27, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Wanting to find out which double buggy is best for you and your lifestyle between the Double Nipper & Little Nipper Double? To help you with your decision take a look at the latest review from 9 months & forever- Winstanleys Pramworld on the Little Nipper Double:

'The Little Nipper Double is so easy to fold by just raising two clips at the side of the stroller and then by pulling two tabs in the seat unit the pram folds down. This stroller really is fabulous and as I said earlier it truly ticks the box of easy to use, for a mum looking for a lightweight twin stroller I would 100% recommend the Little Nipper Double.'

To read the full review please click here- 

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Top 5 products with a little one

Published March 16, 2016 by Andy Fensom

A few of Sarah's favourite things....

@mamawifeyavery has kindly shared her latest blog post with us. When pregnant with her first child all 'celeb' endorsed and apparent 'must haves' were purchased without a second thought. Now realising that not all items are a necessity @mamawifeyavery has listed her top 5 must have items with a little one. The Nipper Single made the cut! Take a look at Sarah's latest blog post here:


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Little Nipper Double- What you think...

Published February 10, 2016 by Andy Fensom

The Little Nipper Double has only been available for a few months, however it really is being put through its paces!!

With fantastic feedback received so far, we wanted to share the below blog with you written by both a Mummy and childminder. In this review the Little Nipper Double has been tested in a local zoo, on the bus, through mud, round the shops and whilst feeding the ducks- 

'I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to road test and review the new Little Nipper double, having known how highly Out N About are spoken about by childminders for their ease of use and durability I was very excited!  Having previously used other brands of side by side doubles and tandems I have found this to be my favourite! It was very easy to put together and of course came with a large box which the children loved. Included in the box were the pushchair, a belly bar, raincover and basket, so no needing to buy extras to get you started. I currently use the Little Nipper for two boys aged 17 months and 2 1/2, my 2 1/2 year old is definitely not on the small side,  he is very tall but is still comfortable in it, with both children in the Little Nipper is still really easy to push, another bonus is it is very easy to push with one hand when my older child wants to walk. The adjustable height handle means it is suited to varying heights of adult and can be lowered for a child to hold onto also. This model also has EVA wheels so no worrying about punctures when out for the day.

I have taken the Little Nipper to our local zoo, which is very hilly. On the bus, through the mud, round the shops, in lifts and through relatively narrow doorways and so far I haven't come across any issues.

My only negative I have come across so far is that the basket isn't very big but I have found ways around that and it hasn't really caused me an issue. The Little Nipper is easy to fold and fits nicely in the boot of my Ford CMax still leaving space for bags etc. I would recommend this pushchair to anyone looking for a double, carrycots are avaliable if you have younger children too. It would definitely see you through from babies to toddlers.'

To ready the full review please follow the link to- Tiny Acorns Blog

For more information on the Little Nipper Double, please visit the product page on our website. To view a Little Nipper Double you can find your local stockist here.

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Training for the London Marathon with the Nipper Sport

Published January 12, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Triple Guinness World Record Holder and former International Slalom Canoeist Helen Barnes has traded her paddle for a Nipper Sport in preparation for the 2016 London Marathon. 

Helen Barnes was 16 when she first took up canoeing and hung up her paddle in 2012 with 3 Guinness World Records and being a reserve in the London 2012 Olympics. With Canoeing being an upper body workout, Helen is now taking on the challenge of putting her legs to the test and training for the London Marathon. With a little one in tow Helen is using the Nipper Sport as part of her training.                                                                                                                      To find out more about Helen please visit her 

(Photos courtesy of Yvonne Lishman)

Helen has shared her review of the Nipper Sport, please see below what Helen has to say:

'So, new year, new challenge! After 25 years as a paddler and having never really used my legs for anything remotely sporty, I've decided to attempt the London marathon!

It's suddenly all getting a bit real...I have my entry confirmed, my 'Just Giving' page set up (NSPCC) and 16 weeks of training to get me there....

As a mummy of 2 young children, juggling training with child care could be difficult. However, thanks to OUTNABOUT, whilst my eldest, Max (4) is at school, I'll be able to take Oliver (2) out with me.... They have provided me with a 'Nipper Sport', one of the best running buggies on the market.  Both myself and little Ollie absolutely love it.....and this is why:

* It looks amazing - In striking red, with a sleek black chassis and matching black wheel rims, it's incredibly eye catching. 

* It's a pleasure to run with - It's lightweight (9.8kg), yet solid, with a great padded adjustable handle bar. Having a large, fixed front wheel, it tracks brilliantly. It's easy to forget you're actually pushing a's effortless!

* Comfy and safe - With large pneumatic tyres and a rear suspension, it's a smooth ride even on a bumpy route. The seat liner is well padded and has a great fitting 5 point safety harness. It has various seating positions and plenty of room for the child. Comes complete with rain cover that's quick and easy to add in a hurry over the huge sun canopy, which incidentally offers complete shade on those rare brighter days! Having a second brake located on the handle bar, along with a wrist strap, simply adds peace of mind, especially when running down steep gradients. 

* It's simple to put together  - took a matter of minutes using the easy to follow instructions. The wheels are quick release and once the frame is folded down, it's impressively compact.

In my opinion, it's the best running buggy out there for long distance training. I have a regular buggy for everyday use, as the locked front wheel does make it slightly tricky around shops, etc, but for a buggy to take out for runs, I would highly recommend you try a NIPPER SPORT.'

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**Celeb Spot**

Published January 8, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Business woman and model Caprice was spotted at Heathrow airport with her sons Jett and Jax in their Nipper Double buggy. Flying in from LA what other way is there to transport your little ones. 

The Nipper Double is the perfect pushchair for off-road and around town. With a compact quick fold and lightweight frame it is easy to travel with and ensures maximum comfort. 

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2 more Awards to add to the collection!!

Published December 10, 2015 by Andy Fensom

Last week we attended what is always an exciting evening the Mother & Baby Award ceremony. We are thrilled to announce that we brought home TWO honours from the Awards hosted at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge.

With a large number of products shortlisted, it was a fantastic result for both the Nipper Double and Little Nipper. The Nipper Double was awarded SLIVER in the Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair or Accessory category, with the Little Nipper bringing home the BRONZE Award in the Best Lightweight Buggy/Stroller category. 

We are thrilled to have added these two prestigious awards to the haul that we have already been awarded throughout the last year!

You can find a list of all the Awards we have won in 2015 on our Awards page and on our facebook page. 

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The Nipper really is the Consumers Choice !

Published October 5, 2015 by Andy Fensom

 The Nipper has always been a well reviewed product with a number of Awards already received. We are however thrilled to share the news with you that BOTH the Nipper Single & Nipper Double were Awarded the Consumer Choice Award in each category in this years Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2015!! We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who voted for a Nipper- THANK YOU !!

Not only did the Nipper Double come out on top as the Consumers Choice, it was also Awarded Silver in the panel testing in the Best Twin/ Tandem Category. Being the only side by side buggy to receive an Award we are delighted to have been Awarded Silver :) !

You can see the Results here- Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2015 by Mumii

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It's Silver all round for the Nipper Sport !

Published October 5, 2015 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Sport has just received SILVER in both the Men's and Women's running magazine Awards in the Best Buggy/ Pram category. It is the 3rd year running that we have received this Award. The Nipper Sport is the perfect solution for parents who want to jog with their little one in tow. With all the required features a jogging buggy needs such as large 16" wheels with a fixed front wheel, a hand brake to govern speed and at a fantastic price point it's a well deserved winner in this category. 


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An Award Winning Month !!

Published October 5, 2015 by Andy Fensom

We are also delighted to share with you that the Nipper Single, Double & Little Nipper have all been shortlisted in their categories in this years Mother & Baby Awards!! The categories are:

Nipper Single - Best Pushchair

Nipper Double - Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair

Little Nipper - Best Lightweight Buggy / Stroller

The results will be announced on the 2nd December, we will keep you up to date with this. In the meantime you can see the full shortlist here - Mother & Baby Awards 2016 

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'Living With' The Little Nipper

Published September 15, 2015 by Andy Fensom

The well known nursery website Pushchair Expert arranged for a Little Nipper to be sent to a product tester to review over an 8 month period. Being able to review a buggy over this time allows a true refection of the product and how it fits into every day life. Connie and Hattie loved the Little Nipper and found it was perfect for their lifestyle. Even taking the Little Nipper abroad was a breeze. 

You can read the full review here:

Pushchair Expert- 'Living With' The Little Nipper

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On your marks for the buggy run: 5 best jogging strollers

Published July 9, 2015 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Sport has been listed in The Telegraphs top 5 jogging strollers!

We are thrilled to see the Nipper Sport has been recognised as one of the top 5 jogging strollers in the market by The Telegraph. To see the full review please follow the link below. A Farther has written about his experience with the Nipper Sport- 'It's such a good way of spending quality time with your child whilst being active'. 

The Nipper Sport has all the required features of a jogging buggy including large 16"wheels with a fixed front wheel, rear wheel suspension, a large comfy seat with a 5 point harness and a hand brake as well as a foot brake to help govern speed. Not only is the Nipper Sport one of the lightest jogging buggies on the market today, it is also competitively priced at Ł299.95. 

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British by design

Published June 25, 2015 by Andy Fensom

All Nipper's in the UK will now come complete with the British by design tag located on the hood. Let us know what you think! 

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A great review for the Little Nipper !

Published April 15, 2015 by Andy Fensom

We just love receiving reviews on any of the Nippers in the range. The latest review we have received is on the Little Nipper. It is a fantastic review from Pia Stephens via

"Easy to assemble. Manouvreability. Raincover is easy to put on and stays on. Bumper bar is made of fabric and not foam. Fair sized shopping basket. Excellent brake. " 

To read the full review please click here- Little Nipper Review

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Published March 16, 2015 by Andy Fensom

We Just LOVE receiving great feedback and sharing this with you! Please see below an email from a Nipper fan :)

'To all the good folks at Out n About, 

My wife and I have had a nipper double for a while now, and it is sadly reaching the end of its life, but I just wanted to share with you the great experiences we have had with it. I never email companies either in complaint or commendation, but I feel compelled to write to you to comgratulate you on your excellent product. We bought the Nipper double as we are outdoorsy type people and wanted a buggy that could come with us and our 2 kids on our adventures. We have had some amazing adventures, both on and off road, and the fact that the nd can take both kids but be pushed one handed is amazing.

The wheels can handle dirt and mid without problem and we have had great times pushing pulling and squelching through muddy puddles and fields.

I attach a couple of photos for you to do with whatever you wish, but I think it highlights how great your product has been.

You have helped us inspire our kids to love the great outdoors and for that we thank you.

Keep up the good work!'

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Made for Mums- Top score for the Little Nipper !

Published January 22, 2015 by Andy Fensom

5 out of 5 for the Little Nipper !

Made for Mums have recently reviewed the Little Nipper and have awarded it 5 out of 5!! 

The Little Nipper is the latest addition the Out 'n' About range. Ultra lightweight and super compact with all the benefits of a full sized pushchair.

'I would recommend the Little Nipper to anyone seeking a durable, lightweight, versatile stroller that is easy to handle both on and off the road, and folds up easily.'

To read the full review click here to visit the Made for Mums website.

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Little Nipper- Top Urban Pushchair !

Published January 15, 2015 by Andy Fensom

Top 5 Great Urban Pushchairs !!

Pushchair Trader have compiled a list of their favourite Urban Pushchairs. We are ecstatic to see the Little Nipper has made their Top 5!

Lightweight at only 8kg, with small 8" EVA wheels the Little Nipper is perfect for 'nipping' around the town. Ultra compact with a quick one hand fold, getting the Nipper in and out of the car boot or being used on public transport with a little one in toe couldn't be easier! 

To see the full list of Top 5 Great Urban Pushchairs by Pushchair Trader please click here- Pushchair Trader

The Little Nipper comes complete with a fitted shopping basket, raincover, bumper bar and padded seat liner. A bespoke carrycot is available for the Little Nipper as well as a travel system option to attach either a maxi cosi or Besafe carseat. Everything that is required to ensure both you and your little one enjoy the journey. 

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Bronze Award for the Nipper Single at this years Mother & Baby Awards!!

Published December 3, 2014 by Andy Fensom

Nipper Single is awarded BRONZE in the Best Pushchair category !

We are delighted to announce the Nipper Single V4 has been awarded BRONZE in the Best Pushchair category in this year's Mother & Baby Awards! This was a huge category with a total of 12 well known pushchairs shortlisted for an award. You can see the full shortlist and winners here- Mother & Baby Awards This is a fantastic award for the Nipper Single and really highlights what a fantastic buggy this is.

Since the launch of the Nipper V4 range which was July of this eat, such positive feedback has been received and a number of awards have been won throughout the range! 

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The Nipper Sport V4 Awarded 2 Silver Awards !!

Published October 23, 2014 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Sport V4 receives Silver from both the Men's & Women's Running Magazine Awards!

The new V4 range has only been available for a number of weeks, however the V4 sport has won 2 Silver Awards!!

Both the Men's & Womens Running Magazines have awarded the Nipper Sport Silver in the category Best Running Buggy/Pram in this years awards!!

You can read the latest Nipper Sport view on made for mums where it received 4.5 stars :) - 

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Shortlisted for 2 Mother & Baby Awards!!

Published October 23, 2014 by Andy Fensom

There is no stopping the new V4 range! Both the Nipper Single & Nipper Double V4 have been shortlisted for a 2015 Mother & Baby Award! 

After weeks of parent testing and putting numerous products through their paces, we are excited that both the Single & Double have made it through to the final round. 

The Nipper Single has been shortlisted in the Best Pushchair category, and the Nipper Double in the Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair or Accessory category. Wish us luck! The results will be announced on Wednesday 26th November at an Awards ceremony held in London. We will keep you updated with the winners.

You can see a full list of the products that made the shortlist here-

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4 Stars for the Nipper Sport V3

Published May 20, 2014 by Andy Fensom

Pushchair Trader have recently reviewed the Nipper Sport V3 and awarded it 4 stars out of 5! The Nipper Sport is the lightest buggy on the market today. With large 16" wheels, handle bar mounted brake lever and rear suspension it is the ideal buggy for jogging.

'If you're looking for a pushchair that will allow you to explore both on road and off, then the Nipper Sport could be the one for you. There are lots of great features, such as the large pneumatic wheels, the generous hood and the padded seat liner for extra comfort. 

The Nipper Sport is a versatile set of wheels, suitable for daily use around the town, heading out to explore rough terrain and even for jogging. The fixed front wheel means it can handle pretty much anything – if you're used to a swivel front wheel though, this may take a while to get used to. The handbrake is perfect for extra control when off road or tackling a steep slope. I'm also a fan of the gated bumper bar to make access to the seat much easier.

Overall, I like this set of wheels. The suspension and large wheels make for a smooth ride on any terrain, and the seat is large and comfortable. And, at Ł299.95, it's great value too. If I were planning a lot of off road adventures (or taking up jogging!) then the Nipper Sport would definitely be on my short list.'

You can view the full review here- 

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4.5 out of 5 for the Nipper Single V3

Published May 1, 2014 by Andy Fensom

Reviews can help assist any parent when looking for the perfect buggy. Here at Out 'n' About we are thrilled to have received 4.5 stars out of 5 in Pushchair Trader's recent review of the Nipper Single V3. 

'On the face of it, I like the added features in this version of the Out‘n’About Nipper. It only enhances what is already a great product.

There is one thing that I really think would have me banging on the door of Out‘n’About HQ wanting a new version for myself, and that is the new colours. So what if the structural upgrades aren’t major, that’s a good thing, because we loved the Nipper just the way it was... BUT what I also love is choice and pretty things, and we shouldn’t have to compromise on that just because we want something to do a dirty off-road job.

With the new Out‘n’About Nipper 360 V3 you get all the great Nipper functionality, with a host of brand spanking new Nipper flavours. Can’t say better than that.'

You can read the full review here-

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4.5 out of 5 for the Nipper Double V3

Published May 1, 2014 by Andy Fensom

Pushchair Trader have also awarded the Nipper Double V3 4.5 stars out of 5!! You can view the full review here-


Don't forget the Nipper Double is now compatible with bespoke carrycot's. Check out the shop section for more information.

'The Out‘n’About Nipper V3 Double is a bit of a hidden gem, perhaps overlooked slightly by those looking for the convenience of an umbrella fold, or maybe someone whose head has been turned by something with a higher price tag.

But let me tell you this, the Out‘n’About Nipper V3 Double would rate highly in either of those camps; it’s as lightweight as an umbrella fold, but significantly more sturdy and practical. It’s got plenty of features worth shouting about, and when combined with carrycots makes a great sibling, or even twin option. With a high weight capacity, good sized seats and realistic price tag it’ll also give you excellent value for money.

This latest version features a few tweaks which make it even more desirable than it always was, and it’s definitely one to look at if you’re looking for a fully loaded double, especially if you plan to venture of the beaten track.' 

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Both the Nipper Single & Double Awarded Silver !

Published November 21, 2013 by Andy Fensom

Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2013

We are delighted to announce Out 'n' About scooped not 1 but 2 silver awards!!

The well known social media and online website- Pushchair Trader and their team of parent testers, have put a number of well known wheeled good products though rigorous testing to announce the winners of the first ever best baby and toddler gear awards!

The much loved Nipper Single was entered into the highly competitive 'Best pushchair under Ł500' category and won the silver award! There were a further 9 great buggies shortlisted in this category including the Mutsy Evo and Maxi-Cosi Loola and we are very proud to have been awarded Silver!

The award winning Nipper Double also scooped the Silver award to add to the growing collection. The ever evolving Nipper Double, again was up against some great competition in the 'Best Double' category. We are thrilled to not have just one but 2 products win the silver award!

You can view all the results by following this link-

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Both the Nipper Single and Double shortlisted for a Mother & Baby Award!!

Published November 5, 2013 by Andy Fensom

We are excited to announce both the Nipper Single and Double have been shortlisted for a Mother & Baby Award!!

The winners will be announce on the 27th November at a glamorous awards evening in London. The Nipper Single has been shortlisted in the Best Pushchair category and the Nipper Double in the Best multiple, twin or tandem pushchair or accessory category. We all have our fingers crossed, we will keep you updated with the results!

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Nipper Sport Wins Silver Award !

Published October 3, 2013 by Andy Fensom

The Nipper Sport has won Silver in the recent Men's running magazine awards 2013!

The team here at Out 'n' About are excited to announce the Nipper Sport has been awarded Silver in the best running buggy category by Men's running magazine.

The Nipper Sport is a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts including Olympic runner Jo Pavey. The Nipper Sport is the lightest running buggy available in the market and is travel system compatible allowing the age suitability to range from newborn to 4 years. Efficient suspensions and a soft padded seat liner will ensure maximum comfort. With a 2 year warranty, high quality engineering and dual performance, it is a great choice for any parent.

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5 Out Of 5 For Out’n’About Nipper Single

Published January 23, 2013 by Andy Fensom

Mother&Baby Big Test on 3-wheelers

Mother&Baby have road tested 6 of the top 3-wheeler buggies to find out which one suited them best, giving the Out'n'About Nipper Single an overall winning score of 5 out of 5.

All three testers gave top scores to the Out'n'About Nipper Single. The editors verdict said,

"Larger wheels and excellent suspension make this a proper off-roader, but with the refinement needed for about town use. It's robust and comfortable, yet not too heavy. An outstanding all-round performance meant that all three of our reviewers rated this is their favourite."

Jason Goodwin, one of the reviewers on the panel, commented, "I love this! It's a solid, comfortable ride that's suitable for all terrains. It steers like a dream too. It was brilliant when Freddie's mum took him over wet and bumpy fields - we've never seen him so content and comfortable."

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Nipper Sport First to Finish Line!

Published December 4, 2012 by Andy Fensom

Setting a record for the first win with a buggy at Nonsuch Parkrun

Congratulations to Kevin Quinn for being the first to cross the line at the Nonsuch 5k Parkrun this weekend.

Kevin is the Sutton, Surrey course record holder with a time of 15.25.

This weekend he returned with an addition of young Finley (18 months) in his Out'n'About Nipper Sport pushchair.

Even pushing a buggy around the waterlogged course Kevin managed to cross the line first in a remarkable time of 18:17, setting a record for the first win with a buggy at Nonsuch Parkrun.

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A Letter From a Very Happy Customer!

Published October 17, 2012 by Andy Fensom

Our family with their “Nipper” pushchairs

We have received a wonderful letter and photo from grandparent Malcolm Graham.

Malcolm has kindly put pen to paper to tell us about his families adventures and how the Nipper 360 has accompanied them on their walks all over the UK. The family have walked on paths and mountains in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, the Lake District and North Wales.

The Graham family own 3 Nipper 360s between them and Malcolm says, â€śAll the pushchairs have been brilliant and have provided all the families with the opportunity to enjoy the countryside while the children have been young. Thank you for such a robust product........”

Malcolm Graham, October 2012

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Gurgle reports Nipper Sport helps mum burn 600 calories a day

Published October 12, 2012 by Andy Fensom

Runner and new mum Katie says buying a running buggy has been great

Trendy parenting magazine Gurgle has featured the Nipper Sport in the lifestyle section of the November issue. Mums were asked how they got back into shape after being pregnant.

Katie, 34, mum to Rosie seven months spoke about running during and after pregnancy. 

“It was after having Rosie that I realised how much I missed it and thought about how much running defined me as a person. It was a big part of my life and I especially missed the adrenalin rush I got - not to mention the bonus of burning 600 calories a day. When I did start running again I bought a running buggy (pictured with Out’n’About Nipper Sport) which has been great. Rosie’s seven months now and I’m enjoying running just as much as before. Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you should give up on who you once were”

Gurgle, October/November 2012

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Mother and Baby Big Test on Doubles

Published October 11, 2012 by Andy Fensom

big test

Nipper Double is reviewers favourite !!!

Mother&Baby featured the Out’n’About Nipper Double as one of 6 buggies put through their BIG TEST on Doubles. Reviewers loved the spacious and comfortable seats and said it feels remarkably light to push for a double, even over rough ground. 

Both Zoe and Michael marked the Nipper Double as their personal favourite. â€śThe steering is a dream.” â€śI really like this - both for style/looks and comfort and usability.” â€śThis was so light to push - it went like a dream across bumpy fields. It’s quick to fold down flat and is easy to store.”

Mother&Baby, July 2012

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Bronze Award in PPP Awards !!

Published September 21, 2012 by Andy Fensom

Nipper 360 Single has won bronze in the PPP Awards !

We are very proud to announce that the the Nipper 360 single has just won bronze in the '3 Wheeler' category of the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards. More awards for our fantastic buggies !!

The results and reviews will go to print in the January issue - more details to follow when we have them...

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Nipper Carry Cot Now Available !

Published August 3, 2012 by Andy Fensom

The long awaited carry cot for the Nipper 360 Single is now in stock !

It has finally arrived ! The new Nipper carry cot easily clicks onto the buggy - simply remove the bumper bar and click the adapters into the fixing holes.

Designer Andy Fensom said "Customers have been asking for a carry cot for a number of years now. We wanted to make sure that what we produced was feature packed and practical. The result is a carry cot that is stylish, easy to handle, comfortable for the child and very easy to fit on the buggy. This makes the award winning Nipper 360 Single even more newborn friendly."

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Nipper Double now only 72cm wide !

Published July 15, 2012 by Andy Fensom

"The Nipper Double just got slimmer !"

The design team at Out'n'About have made the Nipper Double even better by slimming it down to an incredible 72cm. It retains all the award winning features that have made it one of the best twin buggies on the market, but will now fit easily through standard doorways. 

Head of design Malcolm Fensom said "following customer feedback over a number of years we have slimmed down the width of the Nipper Double to 72cm and managed to do this without affecting the width of the seats. We were determined not to compromise any of the great features that have made this buggy so successful. I strongly believe that this is now the best side-by-side buggy on the market in terms of value for money, compactness and ease of use."

The new width Nipper Double is now in stock and available from Nursery stores throughout the country.

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Nipper 360 featured in Made For Mums Top Ten best buggies for 2012

Published February 15, 2012 by Andy Fensom

“This buggy will take anything that's thrown at it”

10 of the best buggies for 2012 Surf, Mylo, Urbanite, Nipper, Fastfold, Sola, Bee- which buggies are the pick of the crop this year?

The updated Out 'n' About Nipper 360 V2 is a robust, lightweight 3-wheeler that's easy to push, even one-handed. This buggy will take anything that's thrown at it, from urban pavements to rugged off-road trails. It also featured in our 10 of the best 3-wheeler buggies.

In Out 'n' About Nipper 360 v2 buggy review our reviewer loved the the new version of this popular ATP pushchair, which had has had an jaw-dropping 30 updates, including a removable bumper bar, one-handed multi-position seat recline and spring-loaded brakes.

Posted on MadeforMums on 8 February 2012.

See the full article here:

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Katy Hill reviews her Nipper 360

Published February 14, 2012 by Andy Fensom

'This Week I’m Loving Out’n’About Nipper 360'

The search for a cool buggy that has style AND substance is over! The Out'n'About Nipper 360 not only looks great, but it can cope with high streets AND off-roading! My love affair started when I chased a woman down the road to ask for details of her push-chair (sorry if that was you!) Suitable from newborn, the 360 has amazing maneuverability down to its namesake front wheel that can swivel 360 or be locked in position. Akira’s so excited to go in it, largely because it’s so comfy with its lovely padded seat and great suspension on the back tyres. With its five point harness and five options for seat position, Akira now complains when I get him OUT! Who knew!? At 5ft 8" mummy’s loving the height adjustable handle, and it’s deceptively light with its aluminum frame. 

And the proof that it’s a desirable set of wheels? Now mums chase ME down the road to ask about it! What goes around, comes around! ;-)

See the published review at:

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Mother & Baby Awards 2011

Published December 6, 2011 by Ian Morris

Out'n'About scoop 2 prestigious awards!

Out'n'About have scooped 2 prestigious accolades in the recent Mother & Baby Awards, considered to be the Oscar's of the Nursery Industry.

The Nipper Double 360 gained a silver award in the 'Best Twin/Tandem Pushchair' category, whilst the Nipper Single 360 went on to receive a bronze award in the 'Best Pushchair' category.

Director Andy Fensom said:

"We are thrilled that the quality and performance of our products has been recognised. With the number of entries and the standard of competition in these awards it is a great achievement to gain honours in both of these categories and I hope it speaks volumes about how seriously we take the design of our buggies. For us to win a bronze in the Best Pushchair category with our fantastic 3 wheeler is phenomenal, considering the huge amount of competition out there in that field."

The event was held at the Park Lane Hilton and the awards presented by TV personality Alexander Armstrong.

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Made for mums - 5 star review for nipper 360

Published December 1, 2011 by Andy Fensom

"An exceptional 3-wheeler that's comfortable, easy to push, and built to handle all terrain."

MadeForMums has the best independent reviews of parenting products around, with rigorous real-life testing and lots of behind-the-scenes research taking place. We've spent years in the pregnancy and parenting industry so understand what to ask, can spot what's special and know how to cut through the marketing hype and get the real answers.

The Out'n'About Nipper 360 single is a sleek, stylish, durable and hard-working 3-wheeler buggy that will take you from newborn to 4 year old with comfort and ease.
Out'n'About prides itself on being the UK's leading distributor of all terrain baby gear and kit that will let outdoor-loving parents keep loving the outdoors once they have a baby. They're the sole UK importers for leading brands such as Phil & Teds and Mountain Buggy.
The Out'n'About Nipper 360 single is definitely an all terrain 3-wheeler. It easily tackles the toughest of terrains with its pneumatic tyres and rear suspension. And while it's definitely built for all-terrain, it handles urban terrain just as well, if not better. You almost feel like the pushchair is floating on clouds with the pneumatic tyres - a shopping trip with the Out 'n' About Nipper 360 single a very pleasant undertaking!

A friend of mine has the Out'n'About Nipper 360 single pushchair and I have been eager to test one so my expectations were high when I finally got the opportunity. The Out'n'AboutNipper 360 does not disappoint!
There's a lot to love about the Out'n'About Nipper 360 single. For starters, assembly is a doddle. An easy click of the wheels and a quick flip of the handle allow you to get going quickly. The seat reclines fully and has mesh ventilation panels on the back and sides, which makes it very climate controllable. The handle is padded with a thick foam layer so long walks seem like a stroll around the block. A pad for the seat can be added for extra comfort and warmth for your child and the 5-point harness is secure and sturdy.
We loved the storage pockets located all over the hood, which are fabulous for storing your mobile, a purse, toys or even nappies.

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Olympic runner Jo Pavey recommends the nipper sport....

Published November 1, 2011 by Andy Fensom

“3 wheel drive” – nipper sport, the ferrari of all buggies!

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Nipper Version 2 Released

Published October 10, 2011 by Andy Fensom

Out'n'About have released the latest version of their fantastic Nipper Stroller range. From the beginning of October 2011 the new models will be available from retailers nationwide.

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Parentdish Best Buy

Published October 9, 2011 by Andy Fensom

Parentdish Recommend NipperGood for: Pretty much everything !

Both nipper single and double models were reviewed by Parentdish, the online parenting experts! The review read:

One kid or two, the nipper is our top pick among ATPs.  Both the single and double versions are pleasingly lightweight, a doddle to push, and offer good levels of comfort for babies and toddlers alike, thanks to excellent suspension and supportive reclinable seats.

The double is especially impressive - pushing two children over uneven ground is not an easy task but the Nipper makes light work of it and is a fantastic all rounder for parents with a baby and toddler or twins.

Good for: Pretty much everything!

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Runners World - Baby on Board

Published October 1, 2011 by Andy Fensom

nipper sport - Super-light, easy to push and comfortable enough to lull your passenger to sleep !

The UK's best selling running magazine, Runners World have put together a guide to the latest jogging strollers that the whole family will love. The Out'n'About nipper sport came in as the second favourite with an impressive rating of 8 out of 10.

The guide entitled 'Baby on Board' begins -'Becoming a parent needn't mean hanging up your running shoes. Here's our guide to the latest jogging strollers that the whole family will love.'

Comments about the nipper sport included: 'An impressive budget buy: super-light, easy to push and comfortable enough to lull your passenger swiftly to sleep. The handlebar brake and strap mean you feel in control and it's easy to stride out without knocking into the frame in front of you.'

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