The Royal fever is spreading!!

Published July 1, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Early June we saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pictured in the Daily Mail with their bespoke Nipper buggy at the Houghton International Horse trials. Since then we have been contacted by a number of publications wanting to know how it started and how Prince William and Kate came to own a bespoke Nipper!

Following on from the original article in the daily mail which pictured the old Navy fabrics on a current V4 black chassis the Royal Correspondent from the Daily Mail Rebecca English got in contact with us here at HQ to find out more about the bespoke buggy. 

It was a fantastic article and to see this in both print and online was great exposure for our brand. Unfortunately the incorrect image was used and was not a Nipper however, this was seen pushed by a friend with Kate and Prince George pictured behind. To read the full article from the Daily Mail please click here.

Just this week we have received contact from People Magazine in the USA!! Being huge Royal fans they were eager to find out more about the bespoke buggy the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had most recently been pictured with! Being a UK based family run company it was incredible to have an overseas publication get in contact with us and want to find out more on the story and our products! We are yet to see a copy of the magazine, however here is a link to the online article- People magazine. 

As you can imagine it has been a very exciting time here at Out 'n' About HQ with the knowledge that the bespoke Nipper Single which was created specifically for the young Royals over 18 months ago has been put to use! The local press have also wanted in on the story and have published in the Times & Citizen paper and online about the Royal Nipper! Watch this space for more updates....

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