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Olympic runner Jo Pavey recommends the nipper sport to fellow runners

Olympic runner Jo Pavey recommends the nipper sport....

Published November 1, 2011 by Andy Fensom

“3 wheel drive” – nipper sport, the ferrari of all buggies!

In 2011 Kevin is now a Dad and has been looking into ways of combining his usual lifestyle with fatherhood.  After being recommended by fellow runner Jo Pavey, Kevin chose the Out’n’About nipper sport as his running buggy.

The founder of Real Runners Limited, Kevin has covered all bases of the runner's approach to life. He has a degree in sports sciences and education, backed up by an MA in physiology and nutrition from St. Mary's University. Here, he trained and raced alongside some of Britain’s best athletes - an experience which earned him a UKA National Gold medal and several personal bests over his specialist events (1500m & 5000m).

It was during his time at St. Mary's that Kevin decided that more needed to be done at the grass roots level of athletics: soon afterwards, Real Runners Ltd was born. Having worked for both Nike and Adidas, Kevin has good relations with the leading authorities in running apparel - definitely the man to see if you want a kit deal!

In 2009 Kevin was selected, along with some of Britain’s most promising athletes, to become a Nike Ambassador; a scheme set up by Nike to help support athletes reach their athletic potential. The Aldershot, Farnham & District athlete is also trained in biomechanics, and eats, sleeps and breathes running. His thirst for developing his knowledge and helping fellow runners is never quenched.

Read Kevin’s review on the realrunners website:

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