Training for the London Marathon with the Nipper Sport

Published January 12, 2016 by Andy Fensom

Triple Guinness World Record Holder and former International Slalom Canoeist Helen Barnes has traded her paddle for a Nipper Sport in preparation for the 2016 London Marathon. 

Helen Barnes was 16 when she first took up canoeing and hung up her paddle in 2012 with 3 Guinness World Records and being a reserve in the London 2012 Olympics. With Canoeing being an upper body workout, Helen is now taking on the challenge of putting her legs to the test and training for the London Marathon. With a little one in tow Helen is using the Nipper Sport as part of her training.                                                                                                                      To find out more about Helen please visit her 

(Photos courtesy of Yvonne Lishman)

Helen has shared her review of the Nipper Sport, please see below what Helen has to say:

'So, new year, new challenge! After 25 years as a paddler and having never really used my legs for anything remotely sporty, I've decided to attempt the London marathon!

It's suddenly all getting a bit real...I have my entry confirmed, my 'Just Giving' page set up (NSPCC) and 16 weeks of training to get me there....

As a mummy of 2 young children, juggling training with child care could be difficult. However, thanks to OUTNABOUT, whilst my eldest, Max (4) is at school, I'll be able to take Oliver (2) out with me.... They have provided me with a 'Nipper Sport', one of the best running buggies on the market.  Both myself and little Ollie absolutely love it.....and this is why:

* It looks amazing - In striking red, with a sleek black chassis and matching black wheel rims, it's incredibly eye catching. 

* It's a pleasure to run with - It's lightweight (9.8kg), yet solid, with a great padded adjustable handle bar. Having a large, fixed front wheel, it tracks brilliantly. It's easy to forget you're actually pushing a's effortless!

* Comfy and safe - With large pneumatic tyres and a rear suspension, it's a smooth ride even on a bumpy route. The seat liner is well padded and has a great fitting 5 point safety harness. It has various seating positions and plenty of room for the child. Comes complete with rain cover that's quick and easy to add in a hurry over the huge sun canopy, which incidentally offers complete shade on those rare brighter days! Having a second brake located on the handle bar, along with a wrist strap, simply adds peace of mind, especially when running down steep gradients. 

* It's simple to put together  - took a matter of minutes using the easy to follow instructions. The wheels are quick release and once the frame is folded down, it's impressively compact.

In my opinion, it's the best running buggy out there for long distance training. I have a regular buggy for everyday use, as the locked front wheel does make it slightly tricky around shops, etc, but for a buggy to take out for runs, I would highly recommend you try a NIPPER SPORT.'

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